Job placement assistance

We understand the importance of having a right job and we would understand your education and experience, and help you find the right job for you. Whether it is a short time, part time, causual or full time, we would try our best to provide you with one job you are looking for.


First fiew years are very crucial for any small business. Staying in market is one of the most important aspect of a business to survive. We understand as we are also a small business. Bookkeeping is a thing, which we realized should have been expensive and can save lot of money for a new business. So we are trying to provide bookkeeping services with only very essential required requirements at very low price.

Social media management

Being online, is very important requirement for a business to attact clients and be searchable in the area where they are providing services. Again, we realized having a website, getting Facebook, Google and other social media plateforms, though easy for some, but could be challanging for few. It could be someone uncomfortable with managing social media plateforms or not having enough time to manage. We step forward to provide assistance in setting up social media plateforms and getting online with a motive to guide at a very nominal price.